About Us

Aquapulse® is a company with 20 years of experience in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
We are official representatives of both domestic and foreign brands. Watering hoses, irrigation systems, irrigation accessories (connectors, sprayers and sprinklers). Industry: PVC hoses, reinforced, corrugated, MBS, gas. And this is not the limit of our capabilities!

We offer our customers a wide range of quality products at very attractive prices. As a dynamically developing company, we focus on continuous improvement of customer service. You can always find with us both the latest market innovations and reliable system solutions for watering your garden.

One of the priority activities of our company is the sale of watering hoses. We value our customers, our managers will be happy to help you choose the products you need from a wide range of products that we offer.

The new standard is the name of the policy that Aquapulse uses. This means a global expansion of the range with improved characteristics, offering products on the Russian market using innovations in the production of watering accessories, improving the price corridor for the entire range of Aquapulse products, which will undoubtedly raise the company to a higher competitive level.

In 2010, Aquapulse LLC became the exclusive representative of FITT®, the largest plant in Europe for the production of PVC hoses.

FITT® is a leading manufacturer of PVC hoses for horticulture, construction, technical and specialty applications. Aquapulse LLC offers a wide range of products: from standard products presented throughout Europe to exclusive products with excellent technical characteristics, using patented technologies: HTT®, TUF®, YOYO®, PHTHALATE FREE®, NTS Plus®, NTS® , MICROLIGHTS®, DTS®, POLIFUSION®, BIOS®, SKY TECH®.

With this status, the potential of Aquapulse LLC has risen to a higher level.
Now cooperation with our company guarantees you high stability in the sales market and exclusive prices for the entire range of products we represent.